Cats of …


‘Cats of Burgas’ are first up and the next few posts are going to show different places. This is only a small handful, and what is great is the fact that many of these are still there and you start to associate parts of Burgas with their feline residents. I wish I could recall where the last one was, It must be still alive and kicking with that amount of confidence. Just a tiny thing in a big world


Cats of Burgas-3309


Cats of Burgas-5711


Cats of Burgas-09067


Cats of Burgas-09068


Cats of Burgas-09064


Cats of Burgas-3999


Cats of Burgas-7287


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helly says:

    Love love love.
    Little kitty kins too…..what a little peanut.

  2. Anne says:

    Where’s the button? I particularly lfell for the orange dudes. They were SO friendly and surprisingly chatty, too. The joy of Burgas cats is that they seem to have made a tacit agreement with locals to feed and look out for the little munchkins. Clever kitties.

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