28th May, 2017

We have just planted out tomatos and peppers and chillis, a bit late but should be fine. It was another time when we remembered our late cat Osem, and he loved to sit amongst the sprouting plants squashing their chances of survival.  Here he is roaring like a little Lion  Advertisements

20th May, 2017

Dressed Fleas to Leftfield A recent trip to London to see family & I noticed that at the Leftfield concert at Brixton Academy their demographic was epitomized by water & earplugs rather than booze and dope like their 90’s gigs Anyway the other thing we saw was dressed fleas. YES quite! at the brilliant Tring…

4th May, 2017

The new port in Burgas is being regenerated into a smart airport like entrance to Bulgaria but still shows it’s innards like the large ship building cranes and equipment. I feel lucky to see these things that in other parts of Europe are probably hidden from the public due to H&S rules.