1st March, 2017


Osem 2007-2016

A year ago we lost our great cat friend ‘Osem‘. He was a dude of the highest cat order and was with us through our journey of discovery in Bulgaria from the very earliest days back in 2007 until last year. He started off life in a small village (probably in a bin for a home) before we rescued him, when he became an indoor tiger taking charge of the apartment territory. The call of the wild was too much for Osem, so in 2009 we bought a house for him and Sedem, his fur-sister.

We moved with them to our village home and not long after, Osem & Sedem were joined by Shest. They all loved the village and Osem continued to rule and be the most cuddly of all three.

Here is a selection of photos from throughout Osem’s life – partly in remembrance, and partly because there don’t seem to be many cat pictures on the internet so I thought I would redress the balance of fur. Enjoy


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Westley says:

    Ahhh, lovely Osem. I’m not a cat person but Osem was special. What a lovely life he had with you both.

  2. Helly says:

    Love that dude. Thanks for sharing the photos. xxx

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