15 February, 2017

Burgas shopping arcade (Безистена Бургас)

I love comparing old & new photographs of  towns & cities. Burgas has some fantastic old architecture, mostly hidden due to new shops / bar fronts but if you look up above about 10-15 feet you will see in varying states of decay the old facades and in many cases the entire building covered in layers of render and obscured by electric cables.

Near to us there is an old shopping arcade called Bezistena that has a sculpture of an eagle perched on top of it’s roof. It’s not very prominent until you know it’s there & ever since I saw it a few years ago I was drawn to it. I managed to get quite close by climbing along our roof & that is what you see here in today’s post (see “Three birds under one sky“) to see the Eagle from a side view. I am trying to find some history of the building & how the eagle came to be and why, so watch this space



As an aside I have found a photo online showing the inside of the shopping arcade. It’s not really like this today, there are a lot of empty shops and not many shopper!



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