28 January, 2017

Nice pair of Antlers

I don’t know what the locals feel about hitchhiking apart from it’s normal to see our fellow village folk standing with a hopeful eye and thumb in the air either in the village or just outside Primorsko, our nearest town. This morning we picked up a youth from our village who wanted to go to Burgas & he sat in the back of our Polo on his phone. There was a break in calls & he indicated with his voice (this is sounding like a police report) that there was an ‘Elena’ which can be either a ‘deer’ or one of our friends of the same name. Elena NOT deer

So we screeched to a halt (again it sounds like a police report)

OK skip to the end. Very rare sighting of a deer, maybe an Elk or a Stag or a Moose (am fairly sure it’s not a moose) see image attached taken in haste before it ran away back into the woods

Anybody out there know for sure? as it’s the first time we have seen a pair of antlers in the wild attached to a living animal. Twas a lovely thing to see



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne says:

    W.O.W. I still can’t believe we saw that. Live, snowy, massive and elegant… fabulous shot!

  2. Jo says:

    How wonderful! So majestic. Fantastic pic, especially as you must have acted v fast to get it. What a treat to have seen it.

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