26 January, 2017

Homeless cats of Burgas_01

There are 100’s maybe 1000’s of bin cats in Burgas & they are all such friendly beasts, one cannot help think sometimes that they are more friendly than our own But I think it must be a survival thing where it’s worth the little effort to be nice to us because that kind of rubbiness totally works on us and we WILL feed them, if not immediately but in the future

So this little munchkin who you see in the photos below sit’s outside an old shopping centre called ‘безистена’ in Bulgarian -pronounced ‘bezisten’ which translates to English as ‘shopping arcade’

What is heartening is the way the locals leave little piles of cat biscuits dotted around cat corners and bits of cardboard to give their furry bums a slightly warmer surface (I guess that’s why)

This little girl is very very soft & friendly and it was nearly impossible to stop ourselves from taking her home, especially given the -6 at night temperatures. If only cats could benefit from coats






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne says:

    I REALLY love this post. I know it’s a cat and a total cliche that I would be drawn to it, but it was such a sweet natured beast-let, and you can completely see that in the photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Shall we go and pick it up now…?

  2. Helly says:

    She’s beautiful. xxx

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