17 January, 2017

Father & son get their furry heads around the magnetic cat flap. Johnny (left) has used the flap a few times when the magnet has been disabled (because J is not ours & so has not been security cleared with a magnetic collar) but his son Spid (right) managed to use the flap even when the magnet is engaged and even though he is not wearing the magnet to unlock it! (he was too small to wear the magnetic collar) He used his paws to pull the flap towards him, making him the cleverest cat we know. Sadly Spid passed away in Dec 2016 at only 7 months old so expect to see a bit more of him here as he was photographed a lot in his short time with us.

2 cats looking through the cat flap
Johnny & Spid explore the cat flap

One Comment Add yours

  1. Anne says:

    Aw the boys. I miss little Spid-face x

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