January 3, 2017


My aim is to create a post per day for a year. It seems I have missed two days due to travel and getting back home to neck deep snow! so other things jumped to the top of the ‘to do’ list ahead of switching the computer on

As it stands I want to do a post per day and have the picture(s) from the day instead of digging through my HD of some 33,000 images in the archive. There will be a mix of snap shots and more considered photographs

To make up for missing two days I am posting some pictures from the past 10 days of travel & Christmas family fun in the UK.


En route to Sofia airport
Freezing cold sunset Sliven

Anne, MothAg Woodstock
Boxing day in the pub with MothAg

Anne, Mel & Tomas in the car
Lets find some swings FAST

Frost, fog traffic lights
Frosty traffic lights

Helly, Nathan, Anne
Murder mystery tour St Albans

Concorde Fog, Heathrow
Concorde in the fog

Plane view mountains
Bulgarian mountains from the air

Burgas coach station
Anne just arrived Burgas coach depot

Marinka veg shop
Marinka veg shop


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Westley says:

    Love the photo-a-day idea! I was given a colour-it-in-yourself desk calendar for Christmas, with a little picture to colour in everyday – it’s nice to have the daily discipline of doing it. You could collect your photos at the end of the year and make them into one of those nice photo books.

    Anyway, great pics so far from 2017! Hope you had a lovely Christmas – was so sorry not to be able to see you both on Christmas Eve. Hopefully this year sometime!

    Love Jo xx

  2. Anne says:

    What a lovely photo diary of the past few days! Looking forward to seeing what the next days/weeks/months look like through your eyes. xx

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