Daft hats, puddles & brollies – when in Rome

Dear P.i.P visitor

A five day trip to Italy. Before going on holiday I wanted to take pictures of ‘movement’ and ‘street cats’ I didn’t see any street cats at all and had little success with the ‘movement’ theme, apart from some motorbikes or mopeds (which incidentally have become HUGE- what happened to the little scooter you would see bombing around the cooler Euro cities?)

It turns out there were some hidden themes that were catching my eye that only became apparent when I got home.

Recent holidays with Helly & Nathan & Anne have had lots of sun and bursts of heavy rain. The rainy bits have been fun and it meant there were a lot of brollies around. The big fat summer sun has meant there were lots of sun hats. I give you Daft hats and brollies, in Rome. And some nice reflections in puddles

Oh yes another thing. Because there is a theme (see above in case you skipped that bit) I think you spend more time looking at the photos. Initially you have a ‘thing’ to look for, so a hat or a brolly / puddle but then you notice the context, and in this case the amazing sites of ancient Rome.

Feel free to leave your comments, Thank you , Jeremy x

The Forum
more seats inside
umbrella love
waiting for the tour bus
Please let us in, Colosseum
Colosseum. Golden sun hat

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne says:

    Knowing the theme really makes you see the pictures differently. And they’re still brilliant. Thank you for sharing – and reminding me of such a special holiday x

  2. Helly says:

    Brilliant. Umbrella love is cute as! Thank you. x

  3. Pat and Brian says:

    Q. When is a selfie not a selfie?
    A. When it’s a reflection in a bus mirror! Ha. Love all your photos, but my favourites are the black and white ones. Great stuff Jeremy.

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