PANIC as a 3 metre wave crashes through a tiny village in south eastern Bulgaria. This story put our village on the local TV & Radio news

Autumn 2014 the weather here in Bulgaria was mainly RAIN and things got out of hand when the water hit so much in one go that it overwhelmed the reservoir and dam taking everything with it.

The water ripped apart bridges and flooded homes taking everything from hoovers to cars that were in its way.

We were away on holiday at the time and luckily our home is high enough to avoid the floods. The garden was soaked and that has since caused our water to freeze the pipes and cut our supply off for days at a time.

The second time it happened we went outside and I covered the camera in a plastic bag. We were armed with more useful things like shovels but there wasn’t much we could do to help given the strength of the waves. Todor was rushing to save his goats and presumably grabbed the first thing he could to protect his head from the rain..hence the bucket on his head.









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