A new year and I hope to make a posting every week from now on. As time progresses I will aim to have a theme or story to wrap the photos in so there is always a context to the images, and it gives me the opportunity to share those thoughts. I want to learn how to tell a story with a series of images rather than a single picture, although the ideas are likely to be a bit basic to begin with. Todays posting is very much in that simplistic theme as it only concerns colour. Autumn in Bulgaria is spectacular and not just in the countryside as one might expect. The quality of light in the city is rather special too and caught at the right time of day has a golden hue.

This first picture was taken in Burgas at a collapsing building site. You could see things in layers as the various walls tumbled into a mess revealing old wallpaper and bits of furniture. The second picture was very close by to the first house and is stunning to look at & very much in need of some TLC but the craziness of cables does add some drama to the shot!

Finally I took a picture from our balcony just as the last few days of autumn leaves were floating away for good.

Yellow & gold
This old house
Old yellow corner house
Old yellow corner house

cows 2009


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  1. Jo says:

    Fabulous photos, and great idea to add a bit more narrative. Enjoy!

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