I am going to try something different and Blog my pictures with a theme for a few posts. So things will start with ‘Lines’ and hopefully the pictures will be stronger seen as a group, rather than just on their own. They were all taken at different times so there isn’t a cohesive colour balance but I’m not sure that matters too much, see what you think and leave any feedback please. Oh yes and the images are a PDF set so you just click on the word LINES and that should open up the five themed photos.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helly says:

    Loving the theme idea! More pictures to see in one go! 🙂 Fab!

  2. jakk54 says:

    This one appeals to me greatly. The bird in the images moves it off to one side of pure abstraction while also retaining the structural integrity of the idea. Great stuff.

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